Next Alpha Update / Hotfix?

Just wondering when we can expect to see the next hotfix / update to the game.

Also when this update happens can we please get a notification of it on here or the Forums(Curse). Be nice to be able to build houses or at elast a small combat / hunting system i’m no game designer myself so im not 100% sure how long these things take to design and implement.

The real issue is “my entire being wants to play Stonehearth”, i turn my PC on start the game then cry knowing its going to end in one of many bugs and ill never get to know if the villagers wold of finished my fence maze.

Keep on Rodeoing Team Radiant!

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quoting myself from over on curse… :smile:

if you have the client through Steam, it will be auto-magically updated… if via HB, that will require additional downloads, each time the client is updated…

as for how you’ll be notified to download on HB, thats still an unknown… we hope that we’ll see either dev blogs, with associated change logs, and/or some other means of getting a change log from the team that can then be posted on the discourse/curse forums, as well as other social outlets, to let users know when to download, and what to expexct…

let’s just sit tight, and stay tuned! :+1:

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Hello, I have a question for Team Radiant :slight_smile:
How the future updates will be availible? Would we have to wait for another major release, or will Team issue updates as they have them completed? Like: Alpha 1, release 11 - returned bunnies, release 12 - slowed day/night cycle…
Do I put it clearly? Or I cant even write meaningful topic :smiley:

seeing as we just had two posts about the same thing, perhaps a merge, and reopen is in order… :smile:

Thx steve, I didnt saw this topic when I was writing mine :slight_smile: Maybe we wrote them in the same time :slight_smile: But Rodeo have nicer topic :smiley:

I just kind of… assumed… that we’d be getting Tuesday updates/hotfixes. That’s when people check the site most often (I would think) so it just makes sense to keep it going. A schedule of “here’s what we’re working on this week” and the following week “Here’s the new release with these bug fixes/updates” might work well, if the team doesn’t have any kind of set plan yet.

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@SteveAdamo Hey again Steve hope your new years going well so far and keeping to your resolutions. :smiley:

I understand this but with such small updates steam instantly downloads it (i often wont notice it), and i will never know what has been fixed.

Random question but: Is there anything I can do to help (forum work social media updating )?

thanks for the offer! we have @Relyss, @Smokestacks and @Sarhifigus helping out here in the bug reports section (thankfully)… and VashTheFortress helping out over on Curse…

but more help is always appreciated! @Geoffers747 and i will probably discuss swelling the ranks as things continue to pick up around here… :+1:


Please count me in for it I would be more then happy to help this game grow.

Steve, this is the wrong place to report a bug, please post it over here

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Right now our plan for updates is to push a fix whenever we have a reasonable number of useful things to add–no schedule at the moment. But let’s see how these first few months go and what rhythm we find. Larger features (new classes etc) will come in bigger releases, further spaced apart. We will update the forums (here and on Curse) when we have something new for you.


excellent! and not to belabor the point, but would it be reasonable to assume that those reasonable number of useful things might be captured in a log of sorts for the hungry masses to consume? :smile:

if for no other reason, to help point out a bug or two that was fixed, and give testers something to confirm, etc.