Hotfix / Alpha Patch notes/breakdown?

“2 updated Windows builds posted since your last visit!”

I have seen this message on Humble Bundle and the Steam version has updated twice in the time since release, yet I am not seeing any hot fix/patch breakdown. As a regular alpha / beta game player I enjoy reading patch notes, knowing the team is responding to bugs and community feedback is important and patch notes can show this.

Basically what i’m asking is will there start to be some patch notes for the alpha as you update it as it seems 2 updates have gone un-noted already:

Alpha 1 Hot fix - Fire place not igniting during night time - working correctly now
Alpha 2 Hot fix - Unknown

Any one else want to start seeing this ?

Patch notes are definitely something I would like to see and I imagine that going forward once the team have a greater handle on things we will see them for sure.

I mean, who doesn’t love patch notes?!

The two hotfixes came at quite a hectic time with it being the first release so it was probably a case of them firstly not really containing that much info, and secondly having to focus their attentions elsewhere :slight_smile:


Thanks for quick reply Geoffers - i totally understand how busy they must be with this game development the early stages are probably the worst. I was just wondering what the second hot fix “fixed”?

I’m still waiting for them to re-code the path finding for villagers during construction to stop them glitching out (mainly so i can see a finished house in all its glory!). Really want to put a video out on my channel of this game but don’t want to highlight glitches.

I feel the community will stand with them though from looking through this discourse already you can see amazing mods being created, community based ideas and much more.

P.S. Expectation Manager - i bet the girls love that title (deep sexy voice) “I know what your expecting, and i’m going to manage that baby”

Yer I’m not too sure on that one, let’s ping the team and see!

@sdee @not_owen_wilson you two seem the most active currently, any idea what the second hot fix ‘fixed’ and also when will we be seeing patch notes :slight_smile:

Now we play the waiting game …

Path finding is rather buggy at the moment but they’re aware of it and working at it, I imagine it’s going to be something that is worked at for a while but hey, at least things can only get better from here on out right?!

There is definitely a strong community here already, it helps that we have this incredible vision of a game that has bags of potential!

Wait, how many babies am I expecting?! :scream:

[quote=“Geoffers747, post:4, topic:4612”]
Now we play the waiting game …

[/quote]I love the waiting game its goes a little like this:

“Wait 5 minutes, refresh page, wait 4 minutes, refresh page again, repeat first steps 10 times, post annoying comment such as “Are they even awake, god!” Continue to await reply annoyed at my own impatience, play Stonehearth 17 times hoping a house gets built just once, Fall asleep miss reply.”

All of them you studmuffin!!

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Careful inflate his ego too much and he might just float away, and then where would we be…?
I’ll tell you, missing one half of our dynamic duo that’s what :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha, it’s currently 3:30 am Team Radiant Time (TRT) so I very much doubt it!

Unfortunately … you can’t build a roof yet … but … you can at least have the walls!

You mean I’m a father to 533 children?! @not_owen_wilson did [Vince call you about that one?][1] Shall I be expecting a cameo?

[1]: Delivery Man (2013) - IMDb[quote=“Amlin, post:6, topic:4612”]
I’ll tell you, missing one half of our dynamic duo that’s what

Steffers Geodamo would be no more :cry:

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All of this above this post is why i’m loving this game / community so far.

Just take it in its beautiful!

Also just installed the Egypt mod (basically changes colors of the game) looks good cant wait for the first major update when the game becomes really playable :smiley:

A tragedy of epic proportions. One that even a blockbuster movie couldn’t capture. Not even with 3D


I believe a novel is in order. I’ll begin penning it (that sounds awfully rude) soon,

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Mind you don’t “ink” all over it and you’ll be fine


Agreed, patch notes are always appreciated, also I hope the devs make it clear when there are new patches out. (ie on the front page)

Can be easy to miss a patch on steam.

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Ah, the pathfinding. Tom said that basically, Tony knows what he needs to fix, but it touches basically everything, so fixing it’s gonna take a fair amount of work.

As for patch notes, would like to see them. Tom mentioned in the livestream what the first one did, but I can only guess that the second one fixed a bug or something?

@Geoffers747 and i have asked about this as well… we will definitely make sure the patch note information is prominently available for all to see! that is, of course, once its been made available to us… :smile:

we dont know the specifics of how Radiant will handle this, but the general thought was these might be available as blog posts… but it really depends on how fast and furious Radiant is with the updates… if they push out multiple builds in a week, we might not see corresponding blog posts, but having that change log posted here or on Curse would be immensely helpful for the community…

we shall see how things play out! :smile:

p.s. welcome aboard @RodeoRhodes!

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@SteveAdamo appreciated love the rapid response It’s a good team and community you have here.

My new-found wiki friend and I have started setting up a script that detects all the changes in the file structure of the game from patch to patch. Here’s a link to what we found in the hotfix:

I hope this helps, it gives a limited glimpse into what has changed.


@twip You my Friend are a legend! add me on steam RodeoRhodes!

Glad I could help, as far as adding you on steam: done and done :smiley:

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dev page says r14 is available on steam. Is it going to be put up on humblebundle too or am I going to have to go get steam. Which i don’t really want to do. Oh and the patch notes are there too ;O)

Tom posted this on the Dev. Blog when asked whether this patch was going to be uploaded to Humble Bundle: