Alpha 17 Updated to develop 2998

Yup, it’s bug fixing time! Alpha 17 launched yesterday on our Steam unstable branch, and here’s the first batch of improvements — including being able to craft the wrench you need to get your Engineer (d’oh! sorry about that one).

Keep those reports coming to Discourse.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for ghost furniture falling to the ground in build editor mode
  • Fix blacksmith engineer wrench recipe using engineer workbench instead of blacksmith’s forge
  • Prohibit ranged combat from ladders. Really unfair when melee units can’t counterattack
  • Fix units leaving combat to eat / patrol etc because they can’t find a path to the ladder target
  • Fix game freezing after loading due to bugged craft order list

Nice, Good job on them quick fixes.

When can i download it ???

hey there @djnator159, just follow the steps under the “how to switch between branches” section of this page,

i guess i should also note, the “unstable” branch is only available on steam.

Take that, cheat rangers!


For Translators:

No Changes xD

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:smile: and i really :heart_eyes: the new alpha