Steam Latest Updated to develop 3013

More Alpha 17 bug fixing goodness!

Bug Fixes

  • Fix stockpile filters for a bunch of items
  • Valor and Wealth statues now have modeled streams
  • Added VFX and SFX to Tier 2 statues
  • Fix for indexing nil door component
  • Update Engineer workbench to new asset
  • Add tooltips for raising and lowering the slice height in slice mode
  • Allow mining zones to merge vertically. Makes carving stairs out of terrain much easier
  • Fix not allowing roofs to be grown over disjoint openings in floor
  • Don’t perform a perimeter patrol around small objects. Just visit them and move to the next patrollable object
  • Edited herald dialog and statue descriptions. Add a portrait for Anwyn
  • Add a visualizer for movement guard shape and movement modifier shape
  • Engineers now get goggles!
  • Added pen scratching SFX for the select game story UI screen at start of screen

Yes! Although I learned my way with the old mine system and could foresee any problems they would have, this will make things so much better and easier!
And the patrol change is good too, we can make a 1x1 farm at each house to act like a decorative garden and double as a patrol point for the guards! :slight_smile:


For Translators:


  •         "terrain_slice_vision_up": "Raise slice",
          "terrain_slice_vision_down": "Lower slice", -> added
  •               "tooltip_tools": "Talismans and Workbenches", -> changed
  •                           "000": "The Royal Craftmasters honor those with an eye for excellence. Have your mason create a statue to their exacting specifications, and you shall be one of the few to impress them." -> changed
  •                           "000": "Indeed! By the Princess's order, eligible towns that have proven their worth shall win access to architectural learning and wealthier caravans for trade." -> changed
  •                          "000": "The Church of Plenty favors those who share their wealth with those in need. I shall give recipes to your mason and your cook; build a Fountain of Plenty and I shall be back to celebrate your achievements." -> changed
  •                           "000": "Ho there! Is this the new settlement of [str(i18n_data.town_name)]?  Messire Burlyhands said you'd be out here, but it's always a bit touch and go in the early days. Shall we get started with the Proclamation?" -> changed
  •            "display_name": "Fountain of Plenty",
             "description": "Place to show generosity and faith" -> changed
  •            "display_name": "The Guildmaster's Skill", -> changed
  •      },
       "engineer_helm": {
          "display_name": "Safety Goggles",
          "description": "Extra protection for expert eyes" -> added
  •         "valor_statue_recipe": {
             "description": "A monument to your town's military might",
             "recipe_name": "The Valor of Cid",
             "flavor": "The shield for resiliance, and the sword for strength. -- Cid, Knight of the Old Ways"
          "roadside_shrine_recipe": {
             "recipe_name": "Fountain of Plenty",
             "description": "Place to show generosity and faith",
             "flavor": "Cid fashioned his breastplate into a basket and brought the wealth of the rich to the bedsides of the poor --Edison Arn, Church of Plenty"
          "craftsman_statue_recipe": {
             "recipe_name": "The Guildmaster's Skill",
             "description": "Shows each craftsman at their best",
             "flavor": "A good crafter never blames his tools, only the people who make his tools. --Otto Crankfrown, Guildmaster Emeritus"
          } -> changed

Been loving this change. ‘n’ mining works so much better than before :slight_smile: :heart_decoration:

Makes me appreciate the filter options all the more now :wink: Though it seems like some of the trophies are still (newly?) “All”-only.

Had really been wondering about all the tiny circular paths the guards were doing. No longer having to circle every little thing makes them look at lot less bizarre.

That was quite a surprise the first time I went to use a defense banner. What exactly is the radius it shows? The furthest they’ll be reasonably cooperative about going?

@yshan I wonder if a unit test could be written to catch when a new item doesn’t have a filter assigned to it? This one keeps cropping up, it seems.


I’d figured they would put in a “item-type-categorie” and that would make sure that the game knew where to show the item and how to filter it. Preferably the game would write to the logs all items without this category.