Steam Latest updated to develop-3010

Like an inexorable juggernaut of building awesomeness, another A17 unstable build arrives!

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for slab tool not snapping correctly in Build Editor
  • Fix for crash to desktop when using Build Editor
  • Fix roof option adjustment resulting in broken roof intersections
  • Don’t stall in fabricate if we aren’t carrying the things we need
  • Add ability to lock doors if they have the toggle lock command
  • Add a varanus skin to crypt loot chest
  • Fixed a bug with fall-off volume for wolves and goblins
  • Fixes patrol routes around objects not being rectangular

Locking doors sounds nice.

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This is probably the first multi-story building with connecting stairs that I have built since Alpha 10.5 where they have taken down all scaffolding and ladders, and the building was finished flawlessly!

Whatever you guys have done here, keep it! Alpha 17 is shaping up to be great so far!


Bugfixes aren’t stating anything new regarding scaffolding but if it works than that’s awesome. Less work with destroying remaining scaffolding after the build via console commands.

This could be because I made the first couple of steps full and solid, but I believe I have done this before and they’ve left scaffolding up. Thankfully it’s all being taken down, because that usually ends up being a lot of wasted wood.

To add the changes with 3008:


  • Added a way for modders to specify that a certain part of a mixinto will override an entire node. Usage example — “mixintype_given_names”: “override” . This allows us to replace arrays instead of adding to them
  • Added Varanus ambient mobs so Varanus skins will be available even in late game
  • Added SFX for mountain wind chimes!
  • Merge some un- or infrequently used stockpile filters — refined animal part and heavy armor. Refined animal part was only leather bolts, which is now rolled under the cloth section. Heavy Armor and Light armor are merged into one section
  • You can now change colors of already placed floor, foundation, and roads in Building Editor
  • Add fountain splash effects for the tier 2 statues

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix some gongs requiring wrong ingredients
  • Players who have mods installed will have an (M) added to the end of their version string (to help us better diagnose potential issues)
  • Stop destroying completed legacy scaffolding regions on load
  • In Build Editor mode, the selected building will be more opaque while unselected buildings will be semi transparent
  • In Build Editor mode, selected building subparts have a blue highlight
  • Fix for doors and windows disappearing when clicking on them. When moving a doodad to a new location, but that doodad’s new location is BAD, cancel the move operation. Use the erase tool to delete windows and doors after placement
  • Fix pillage mission still going when enemy becomes neutral/friendly
  • Fix for farmers not able to farm if the farmer field is not accessible on all 4 sides, but is accessible in the middle
  • Add a new option for auto update adjacency, which is the center (IE the cube that represents the destination). ALL is now all corners, all edges, and center
  • Try our best to deal with inconsistent scaffolding state
  • Update region collision shape for city tier 2 statues

Source: Steam Latest Updated to develop 3008 – Stonehearth

i already made a thread for 3008 :wink:


For Translators:


  •      },
       "toggle_lock": {
          "display_name": "Toggle Lock",
          "description": "Lock or unlock this door" -> added


  • #doorPane {
    position: absolute;
    width: 300px;
    top: -35px;
    left: 30px;
    #lockStatus {
    color: @controlLightFontColor;
    margin-top: 20px;
    font-size: 20px;
    #lockIcon {
    height: 50px;
    width: 50px;
    float: left;
    } -> added
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I’m pretty sure I checked twice and never saw one.