Steam Latest Updated to release 582

Is this the last release before Alpha 17 is ready to go stable? Could be… could be.
Even more scaffolding and building improvements here — almost every building should build now (and all its scaffolding come down when it’s done).

Please let us know how things work for you!


  • Buff turret range and turnip shooter damage
  • Increase generator delay for orc raids that occur after final orc boss defeated but gongs are still placed

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for effect tracks error when turret/trap animation table not found
  • Fix enemies staying slowed after slow effect wears off
  • Placed items will now wait until any scaffolding in the way is clear
  • Fix floating blocks during building
  • Fix ai error of bad unit transition when town inventory becomes full while farmer is farming
  • Fix auto save causing game to unpause while ESC menu is up
  • Fix for mod conflict dialog not going away after clicking proceed
  • Disable Roof Offset for flat roofs going below 0 because it leads to unbuildable buildings

Well i’ll have some testing to do now! :slight_smile:

I’ll have to see if my last building I submitted goes well. More and more getting better. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am checking out some of those templates for the 100 templates post. So far I am happy as many of the building used to leave ladders and scaffolding all over the place due to some of them having complex designs.

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