Steam Latest Updated to develop 3008

Today’s update brings a host of new gameplay tweaks and bug fixes.
Check it out! We’re particularly interested in hearing how building and scaffolding management (at least for new construction) is now working for you.
NOTE: If you’re having issues, please mention when reporting whether the issues are from a save imported from an older build of the game. You may want to try starting a new game entirely or starting to build structures anew in this build if you have building or scaffolding problems.


  • Added a way for modders to specify that a certain part of a mixinto will override an entire node. Usage example — “mixintype_given_names”: “override” . This allows us to replace arrays instead of adding to them
  • Added Varanus ambient mobs so Varanus skins will be available even in late game
  • Added SFX for mountain wind chimes!
  • Merge some un- or infrequently used stockpile filters — refined animal part and heavy armor. Refined animal part was only leather bolts, which is now rolled under the cloth section. Heavy Armor and Light armor are merged into one section
  • You can now change colors of already placed floor, foundation, and roads in Building Editor
    Add fountain splash effects for the tier 2 statues

Bug Fixes

  • Fix some gongs requiring wrong ingredients
  • Players who have mods installed will have an (M) added to the end of their version string (to help us better diagnose potential issues)
  • Stop destroying completed legacy scaffolding regions on load
  • In Build Editor mode, the selected building will be more opaque while unselected buildings will be semi transparent
  • In Build Editor mode, selected building subparts have a blue highlight
  • Fix for doors and windows disappearing when clicking on them. When moving a doodad to a new location, but that doodad’s new location is BAD, cancel the move operation. Use the erase tool to delete windows and doors after placement
  • Fix pillage mission still going when enemy becomes neutral/friendly
  • Fix for farmers not able to farm if the farmer field is not accessible on all 4 sides, but is accessible in the middle
  • Add a new option for auto update adjacency, which is the center (IE the cube that represents the destination). ALL is now all corners, all edges, and center
  • Try our best to deal with inconsistent scaffolding state
  • Update region collision shape for city tier 2 statues

For Translators:


  •            "trophy": "Trophies",-> added
  •            "foundation": {
                "material": "Foundation Material",
                "wood_resource": "Wooden Foundation",
                "stone_resource": "Stone Foundation",
                "clay_resource": "Clay Foundation",
                "clay_brick_resource": "Clay Brick Foundation"
             "slab": {
                "material": "Slab Material",
                "wood_resource": "Wooden Slab",
                "stone_resource": "Stone Slab",
                "clay_resource": "Clay Slab",
                "clay_brick_resource": "Clay Brick Slab"
             }, -> added
  •               "tooltip_tools": "Talismans",
                "tooltip_wood": "Wood",
                "tooltip_stone": "Stone",
                "tooltip_clay": "Clay",
                "tooltip_ore": "Ore",
                "tooltip_animal_part": "Animal Pelts and Skins",
                "tooltip_resource_pile": "resource piles",
                "tooltip_plant": "Plants",
                "tooltip_portal": "Doors & Windows",
                "tooltip_furniture": "Furniture",
                "tooltip_defense": "Defenses",
                "tooltip_light": "torches & lights",
                "tooltip_decoration": "Decorations",
                "tooltip_refined_weaver": "Thread, Cloth, and Leather",
                "tooltip_refined_craftables": "Refined Craftables",
                "tooltip_refined_animal_part": "goods produced from bits of animals",
                "tooltip_refined_ore": "Metal Bars",
                "tooltip_weapons": "Weapons",
                "tooltip_ranged_weapon": "ranged weapons",
                "tooltip_equipment": "Armor and Other Equipment",
                "tooltip_heavy_armor": "heavy armor",
                "tooltip_exotic_gear": "exotic gear",
                "tooltip_drink": "tasty beverages",
                "tooltip_gold": "Gold Chests",
                "tooltip_trophy": "Trophies",
                "tooltip_raw_food": "Raw Foods",
                "tooltip_prepared_food": "Cooked Foods",
                "tooltip_cooking_ingredients": "Cooking Ingredients and Animal Feed",
                "tooltip_consumables": "Healing Items and Other Consumables" -> changed
  •      },
       "forest": {
          "insane_alligator": {
             "description": "Smaller varanuses tend to flock around them."
          } -> added
  •            "description": "Mean as in poor, not cruel" -> changed
  •            "description": "Gets you off the ground" -> changed
  •            "description": "Fancy, but still uncomfortable" -> changed