HMS Scylla (WIP)

…what could those Hearthlings possibly be building that needs all that scaffolding?

I’ll have to see if it even builds. If it does… this is going to be cool.

That’s probably not enough to get anyone who hasn’t seen the build interested, though, so… here’s a sneak peak.


I just realized after shutting Stonehearth down for the night that I probably don’t have stairs between the second level and the cabin/deck, so it’s basically a Hearthling trap. I’ll probably have to save a template and start over - but at least I have most of the materials gathered now.

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Hmmm it is more like the Flying Dutchman :grin:

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“Scylla” was the name I got from the original random generation and I liked the way it sounded too much to pass up.

I haven’t worked on this for a while, but I finally got another chance tonight… this morning, at this point, I guess. I’ve redesigned it so it should be possible to navigate, I’ve got a better front piece, and a cool situation room. Now to see how much it builds. I’ll wait a bit tonight, but I’m going to sleep soon. In the morning, I’ll finish it up.

Progress so far. As you can see, building’s pretty messy. I hope the team checks their new building code against crazy edge cases like these, too.

Edit: And… my first stuck worker of the build!

Stuck on scaffolding, too. And so close to not being stuck. I expected better from Eyla - she has 3 mind, after all. She was able to free herself after I ordered a ladder, though - she built the first couple blocks she needed and ran straight to lunch.



Not much though. I’m waiting for a LOT of wood.

But with that somewhat out of the way… the HMS Scylla is starting to look like a ship. It wouldn’t float very well right now, though.

A brief overview of what an excuse for a town it takes to build a ship like the Scylla. I’m playing on peaceful so I wouldn’t have to worry about defenses right now, but I do regret missing the chance for future aeronautical combat :glum:


It’s been a while, but the ship is looking more and more like a ship!

In fact, the framework for the last story is going up!

It seems it may be buildable after all, which is good. But it’s clear this ship alone won’t be enough for a thriving town. Also, how is it floating? I’ll answer these questions and more in the next update, which is probably coming later today instead of weeks later!

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This is such a great build to follow Paul! airballons? steampunk? jets? rotors? cant wait to see what you have in mind!

Thanks for sharing, will it end up as a template? :merry:

Shame on me for missing my promised update. Sorry!

I do have the ship itself as a template, if you want that. (74.7 KB)
But I also have some bad news. The ship’s mostly constructed!

But there’s a holdup on the furniture. The lack of doors and railings makes it fairly unsafe, all things considered. I might have to resort to IB if I really want to finish the building. :frowning: And if the ship doesn’t build, trying to build the extra details on top might bug things out. For now, I’m just going to wait.

If someone wants to try to debug this, I’ll also upload my last save file. (9.2 MB)