Help with simple mod

Hey, been working on a mod for a little while, it’s eventually going to be a mod about hunting and druidism, but for now the goal is to just add a moose.

I followed the directions on the text tutorial that’s popular and posted here, but some things are not exactly clear as to what is essential and what is the modder’s personal taste.

So I have an incomplete mod here that I feel should be relatively close to completion, but I’m just not sure what to examine and how to interpret the logs when it fails correctly.

If anyone is interested in giving it a look this is the mod in file form and the most recent log file from a crash: Dropbox - Error

EDIT: I should add I’m very new to modding if that wasn’t extremely obvious.
EDIT 2: updated link to now semi-working version.

Well, I haven’t a clue how to help you, but… moose… MOOSE… MOOOOOOOOOSE!

P.S. although the hunter is a planned class, please continue anyway, since I wanna see the hunter become a thing sooner rather than later.

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Oh yeah, not to give away too much, but the intended idea is to add a hunter as an upgrade to the trapper, but it will work more similarly to a footman, using a simple spear as a weapon while “fighting” (hunting) large game like Moose (obviously) bears, boars, etc. I felt this mechanic would capture the spirit of early hunting better than a straight trapper upgrade would.

Once you are able to gather particular materials from nature (moose antlers, etc) you’ll be able to construct a shillelagh, which allows you to create a druid class which (assuming I learn enough) will allow the taming of 1 large animal per druid to act as a battle companion to your druid.

Ambitious, definitely, which is why I’m starting with just adding creatures.


im not sure how much time he has, but perhaps @Drotten will be able to help you.

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Yeah, I was considering asking him on his tutorial thread, but I saw his last reply was approx 6 days ago on it, so I wasn’t sure how active he was on it currently.

hes quite an active fellow. if you want to check how long ago someone was last on, go to their profile,

he was on approximately 8 mins ago :smile:

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Well, for the tutorial: I’m just waiting for something before continuing with the next part (you exaggerate, it’s not that popular, but that’s fine :blush: ).

But I didn’t come here just to say that.

It’s true that I don’t have a lot of time to spend. It mostly depends on how much more there’s to do for the moose to appear, I can’t really check out your mod at this time so I can’t tell myself, but tomorrow I could take a look-see.

I lied (kind of); I took a look at your log file @Doc, and found this at the very bottom:

Assertion Failed: header.compression == COMPRESSION_NONE

This means that you have a model that’s been exported with compression while there should be none. An easy enough fix; just re-export the bad boy.


Ah, yeah, damn I specifically remember that from @voxel_pirate’s tutorials. Dang, not sure if I have to redo the animations and such altogether as I worked with the model that had compression when I did it in blender.

I doubt it but I don’t really know myself. Just start with exporting the model again and run the game to see if that works.

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I’m working on a druid mod for days now and the pet companion was on my mind already
I thought about a hunter too but two difficulties are there which i can’t solve by now.
First there is no ranged combat, so the hunt would walk to the wolf bear tiger moose and stab the horrible creature …like a footman
Second i don’t now if there are game mechanics to spawn random wild creatures for hunting

But your project will be one of my favourites to watch because the game needs a hunter

Compression should not have an impact on the animations. You should be save from that point of view.


I feel that spearhunting captures the spirit of early hunting (pre medieval, or medieval for medium game) better than bow hunting. A bowhunter could its own class.

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it works, sorta, clearly I need to clean up the skeleton and animations (I only had two pre-made animations as placeholders, they seem to be partially in the ground, and are using… maybe a worker’s ‘look around’ animation?

But they’re in the game at least.

I think a mistake was getting confused on where the ‘root’ should go, I animated using armatures, and using @voxel_pirate’s prepare add-on, it seems to have set them in the ground a bit.

Any advice voxel pirate?

EDIT: oh no, that’s definitely one of my placeholder animations, the neck is just disjointed and so it looks like a limb.


They seem big, even without the legs. They also seem a tad bit overly “voxelated”

Not sure you’ve seen moose in real life before. They are massive.

I also think of hearthlings as being 4-5 ft tall

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indeed they are! imo your moose model is the right scale, and i dont think it looks to “voxelated”

I think I agree with you, it’s actually my girlfriend’s model as I’m pretty bad at art, so I’ll pass along the approval.

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Looks up human standing next to moose


Also, after seeing a real moose, they don’t look that voxelated.

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Checking the position of your root-bone is a good start. But don’t check it in your animations… take a look into the position of your root-bone in the related skeleton-file.


You don’t have to. When you’re in Blender you use an .obj file, so it’s not affected.
So yeah, probably the root is misplaced.

I usually animate without the armature, but I think that if I don’t create a root helper bone, it fails to export correctly the skeleton/meta/animations.
Glances at @voxel_pirate >_>
What about animating objects like a forge? Why would I want to add at least one helper bone to them if it’s just for standing still but with a rotated matrix? Is it due to the meta files system?