Hunting Question

It seems that only the Northern Alliance will kill wild game. Is there a mod anywhere that might enable the other races to do so?

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currently: not that i know of
we are planning on doing -something- of the sort with the work in progress ACE mod i think, @SnorrLaxZ am i correct in this?

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I have been awoken, correct, we are touching this topic, regarding hunting & archers, as TR didn’t have time to do it complete.

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Just to give some extra details and spark hopes/hypes…

The current plan is to basically have the archer (as a hunter) be kept as a NA exclusive - although we’ll be improving its logic a bit, you’ll be able to “box select” animals to be hunted (like a harvest command) and you’ll also be able to toggle between “Roam and hunt” and “Don’t hunt at all”

Those things by themselves will be a great base for someone to create a pretty cool hunter class mod - but we opted out of it due to the inherent similarities to the archer itself and to keep the idea of hunting as the early game NA exclusive;
But to solve the problem of Game Meat for the other factions, we’ll also be buffing the Trapper with a new Trapping Zone on level 6 - this one will use new traps that looks like those bear traps (the big clamp) and will be used to hunt larger game like deer and boars.

Oh, and we’ll also be adding a new mechanic to make trappers more “challenging”, called Wilderness. The Trapping Zone will be as efficient as the wilderness around it - so no more cheating by having your trapper zone inside your walls and in the comfort of your town, the more distant from civilization and “wild” you go, the more efficient your trapper will be :merry:
In terms of logic, it will just change the animal spawn rate; so if your trapping area is near constructions and no natural things (like trees, etc) the wilderness/animal spawn will be very low - meanwhile if your trapping area is away from your town, on the edges of it and near nature, the wilderness/animal spawn will be very high :merry: