Help on cheats for a review

Is there any cheat to get tons amount of gold? i dont find a cheat that gives you certain item or gold

go to your main menu, mods, toggle on debug tools, now when you go ingame, top right corner, the icon that looks like a stamp. any item you want can be put down. when in doubt put the iconic down. (toggle the iconic box)

(you will need to know the name of the item ofc, or sometimes guess what the code-name of the item will be)


Additionally, turning on the Debug mod enables additional console commands (available with ctrl+c) there is a list of commands here:

one of which is add_gold - Adds gold to the current player’s inventory. A negative value will subtract gold. Usage: add_gold 1000

The console commands I have used the most are teleport and destroy. It can help with certain problems encountered with a stuck hearthling, or removing something.

Just be warned, giving yourself a ton of gold may also give you more problems. Enemies increase in power as your town worth increases. Balance your military growth with your town worth or you may find yourself in over your head.