Possibly a couple of bugs, possibly just my own stupidity

So I decided to test out some of debug tools and wonderful console commands I now have at my fingertips. As of right now, I’ve found that the “add_gold” console command doesn’t work, no matter the amount I attempt to add. Also, some item stamps do not work, such as food. I believe I typed it in correctly, though the window was so tiny its hard to tell if I made any spelling mistakes.

On the item stamp tool…

The first time you type something incorrectly and try to add it to the world you’ll get an error window. After that, it stops giving error windows. Easiest way to do it is to find the alias of the item you want in the manifest and then do a copy/paste with the name of the mod and a : in front of it.

Which specific items did you try that fail?

Sheep jerky, couldn’t find the other food in the stonehearth folder

stonehearth:sheep_jerky works for me. So probably just a typo.

The add_gold command doesn’t work for me either. Not operating as advertised anyway. You can use the item dropper to drop boxes of gold though, so it’s all good :wink:

Oh… I was typing it as stonehearth:food:sheep_jerky

Perhaps the gold actually gets added but you don’t get the gold chests? :disappointed_relieved:
Don’t know how to check that, anyway…

About stamp glitch, maybe refreshing the UI?

Let’s hope they make the font bigger soon :smile:

Also, sometimes adding living entities with the stamp tool can make the game crash :persevere:

I just updated the debugtools mod to make add gold work for pre-alpha 11 builds so if you download and install it again, it should work.
Previously the add gold console command required some code in Alpha 11. As a side note, if some of the other console cheats don’t work, please wait till Alpha 11 and check again :slight_smile:


Alrighty, can’t wait for Alpha 11!