Heartlings are being OK

So I have been enjoying this alpha, however my hearthling’s are always OK.

They have beds, shelter, cooked meals, most have trait appropriate jobs, still not happy.

Here’s where I have a few problems:

1. One Negative outweighs Many Positive
Most of them have their dream job, they have cooked meals,… but the bed is placed in a shared room, so that’s a minor negative so they stay OK.

2. The Bed Logic
No bed to sleep on is –
A bed outside is -
A bed that is shared is -
A bed that is assigned in a shared room is -
A bed in a cramped space is -

I feel that this doesn’t leave me any middle ground. Sleeping in the open is worse then sleeping in a shared room, but they are treated the same. (Besides maybe some heartlings prefer a shared room over their own room)

Also if you had no bed before, and I assign you a bed, shouldn’t I receive a bonus for improving your situation. I would be very happy if I got a bed when I had none, but over time, once I got used to the bed I may want more space, where I was previously happy just for having one even if it was a shared one.

3. Negative Bonus I can’t influence
Certain heartlings have the tired negative bonus. Problem is I can’t influence this. They have beds, It’s up to them to use them. If they don’t, well they automatically get tired. But I as a player cannot control or protect against this.

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A comfy bed is +, so that can help.


if i remember correctly that is the intended result, sure they’ll have their really good days and really bad days, but in general they’ll sit on being content.

i’ll page @Brackhar for confirmation and perhaps some further input


Different bonuses have different positive and minuses associated with them. It’s true that it’s possible for one negative to outweigh a bunch of positives, but that highly depends on what is involved. For example, it’s intended that being at 10% health or dying of hunger is hugely negative, regardless of how comfy your bed is our how spacious your room is. However, in general a lot of the day to day effects have much closer values; you can check the number of +'s and -'s for an estimate of their effect.

I’ll check the math on the bed stuff, but I’m pretty sure I set it up so that sleeping in a shared room is better than sleeping outside. We made a conscious decision not to expose the numbers directly in the UI, but as your feedback is showing maybe that was a mistake.

As for sleeping, there is an edge case that can cause a problem with the tired thought. We want to refactor a bit how sleepiness works at some point in the future, and in the process we should be able to clear that up. The intended implementation is that a hearthling should only get that thought after the point where they should have gone to bed, but have not yet (due to no bed being available).


Yeah, the math works out as favorable. Here is the hierarchy with numbers:

       "slept_on_ground": {
           "happiness_delta": -6,
        "slept_in_shared_bed": {
           "happiness_delta": -2,
        "slept_in_shared_room": {
           "happiness_delta": -2,
        "slept_outside": {
            "happiness_delta": -3,
        "slept_in_comfy_bed": {
           "happiness_delta": 5,

This results in the following intended hierarchy:

Sleeping outside and on ground: -9
Sleeping on ground inside: -6
Sleeping on a shared bed outside: -5
Sleeping in a shared bed inside a shared room: -4
Sleeping in a shared bed in your own room: -2
Sleeping in your own bed: 0
Sleeping in a comfy bed outside: 0
Sleeping in a shared comfy bed in a shared room: 1
Sleeping in a shared comfy bed in your own room: 3
Sleeping in your own comfy bed: 5

I think that covers all of the permutations…


@Brackhar :glum: Sorry, but one that is missing is the one I saw all the time recently when playing Rayya’s Children - “Sleeping in your own bed outside”. Some of the roofs don’t count as such and so the hearthlings have a negative for sleeping outside in their own bed, even though they are really inside and in their own room.

Yeah, that’s a bug we need to resolve. :frowning:

i would love to see a “doesn’t like sleeping alone” and a “likes sleeping alone” personality trait maybe as a THIRD trait rather than out right replacing another trait that could be important like a crafting trait or something.