Hearthlings stay idle long time -> Pathfinder problem?

It seems to me the Pathfinder is the reason to my hearthlings stay idle time to time. Mostly they bring in an item and stay waiting a lot of time before they embark to a new task (collect or harvest) during this time the pathfinder consumes 90%+ as you can see in the picture it certainly drops to something arround 50% but i never see it go below 50%. Is it possible because of the long distance to my harvesting areas? (right and left side of picture?)

Edit: About 20 seconds after pause the game the pathfinder is done. System Win7 64Bit - 8GB RAM - i7-2630 QM @ 2GHz (sorry lenovo ideapad)

Edit 2: When I give them an loot task to the woods (righ side) they only go there collect 3 parts and drop them in this area again. They not bring them back to my big storages at base.

Edit 3: Seems more storage areas are broken, wehn sending them to mine some area they work normally. They only not filling up my storages with the goods harvested (yep the goods are allowed to be stored there, left storage allow resources construction and wealth 102/400, right storage allows tools & goods, weapons & armor and food & drink 21/400 )

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