They always idle

Summary: I found out that Hearthlings still like to idle very much in A14, rather then doing their job, although they had made the suspend system in particular work e.t.c Haul, Mine , Job those, but they still like to idle more then anything else


Look at that , one of my footmen is crying right now and is about to die due to get stuck on the middle of the rock? and all my workers are so “busy” that they don’t even have time to build a ladder… :frowning:

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In the images you posted if you check out the performance meter you can see that pathfinding was taking all the time in the first image, and Lua is taking most of the time in the second. If you could upload the save where this is occurring to the thread I have linked below, @ponder (and team) have been working hard to make performance improvements in large games.

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