Hearthlings randomly running out of walls to 'restore terrain' in goblin village - seems irreversible

So I’ve just started playing again after a long time, I’ve got a few hearthlings and the goblin chief was nagging me for stuff I didn’t have in time so now he’s trying to raid and my footmen aren’t good enough to beat them, so before they got a raid together I walled them off and put doors there for if I ever wanted to go through.

The hearthlings are running out there for what seemed originally to be no reason and are getting minced because they’re neither strong nor even footmen.
I’m trying to save that one by tricking the goblins and another one of my dunce-hats goes out there and gets pasted.

It occurs to me now that this might be because I’ve clicked the ‘restore terrain’ option on their pile of dirt, but I might be wrong and I’m not sure, so I wanted to ask.

Thanks for your help!

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Lead the goblins away to save the hearthlings that were lost out there, it was to do with the pile of dirt. Those things should come with warnings, my town is completely unplayable now because I decided to test something instead of googling it.

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