Hearthlings eat Church of Plenty donations

Over a long enough period of time, hearthlings will eventually consume Church of Plenty donation boxes. That is a VERY expensive lunch. :smile:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Begin slowly crafting Church of Plenty donation boxes for the monument. Slow enough for it to take several meal cycles to amass the required 4.
  2. Observe boxes start to go missing.
  3. Weep.

Expected Results:
My precious.

Actual Results:

Version Number and Mods in use:
A17 D3010 x64 + debug tools


The moment when religion turns into fanatism and everything goes horrible, horrible wrong.There should be a divine fist for donation-eating hearthlings.


Whoa, this is really interesting. The donation boxes don’t have any food container entity data, they don’t have servings, and they’re not tagged as food and they don’t have decay. What does it look like when the boxes go missing?

Just that the quantity goes down unexpectedly. So, do I know they’re definitely consuming them like food? No, not conclusively. It’s possible they’re just getting lost. It’s also possible it’s human error somehow, so I’m hoping someone else can test for validation.

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On my way. Reproducing steps: 1) craft donations and 2) wait. anything else?

A little ‘me too’.

In my pure-3010 world, I had queued up 4 to be crafted. #1 and #2 were done early, 3&4 came much later and close together. But in the end, I only had 3 boxes, and the order for 4 boxes was no longer in the queue. No idea when it happened, or which box of the four it was. I assumed it was a one-off problem, but yeah, that donation box is the only disappearing item that’s stayed gone for me (ie not reappeared on reload, or been actually present while missing in a dialog, etc).


They do:

But they aren’t linked. The recipe and the alias in the manifest makes reference to the donation_box only, which is made of wood and doesn’t reference anything related to food.

What I’ve observed is that the donation_box.json has this in components:
"item": { "stacks": 4, "max_stacks": 4 },

could it be related to the bug? I don’t remember if the stacks were used for wood or for food containers :worried:


Queued 10 for my cook to craft and had no problems. All were crafted and didn’t disappear after 5 days.
Playing on v3010, but the savegame was created on v3002.

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Mine just disappeared… going rotten and removed?

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I’ll test it with a new savegame tomorrow. Could be that the version in which the game was created is important.

It seems like they disappeared from the Inventory list, but as I built more and reached 4 I could do the monument thing anyway even though I only had 2.