Alpha 17 - Donation to the church of plenty?


What exactly is a donation to the church of plenty, and how do I make/find one? I appear to need one for tier 2 in A17, but I have no idea what it is or how to get one…?

under the cook’s menu

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Ah, cook. It would be. Easily the most useless class, so I never bother making one. :frowning:

Bummer, OK thanks. I guess I’ll have to turn one of my L6 farmers into a cook :-/


how do your livestock survive without a cook?!

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he probably doesn’t have livestock i think :smile:

The cook is sooo useful! (Don’t let the fact that he changes lots of food into a few food fool you. People can eat more servings of one soup than of three carrots)

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so the cook makes the donation for the church?

We’re going to change the labeling for this so it’s clearer the Cook needs to craft the donation. Thanks!


Yes, I never really bother with livestock or a cook. I have tried it on my current game. I see the point now :slight_smile:

@brad - one other point about the donation - you need so much food to make it (5 pies, 3 roast mutton etc) and they’re all the top end food, there needs to be a way of preventing your hearthlings from eating the stuff you’re trying to make for the donation :slight_smile:. By the time you get stuff together, someone has inevitably eaten some of it.

Also, for the combat one, I have all the bits except veranus skins. I’ve only ever been attacked by 2 veranus’, and one of them didn’t drop a skin. I’m now at the end of month 2 and haven’t been atacked by another veranus in more than a month, although I do keep fighting off waves of other opponents. How can I fulfill the requirement if the randomness of the game makes it so I just never have the opportunity…? I have 10k networth, but can’t complete any of the requirements because I can’t make the donation, I can’t find a veranus, and there’s literally no reason to promote a herbalist to high level without turning them into a cleric other than just to make a single heavy bandage, which is a waste of a hearthling. I think the requirements may need some tweaking (IMO of course).

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Pending when you last looked at them, I can understand that; in earlier alpha versions, they really weren’t worthwhile. In more recent ones, they’ve been gradually improving more and more.

Alternatively, pending how you feel on modding, @Froggy’s Stonehearth Café can really change your view on them.

…herbalists, however, yea, I agree with you about them. I have NOT taken to that class, and much less so since Cleric has come in.

Actually, there kinda is a reason to have a herbalist

The tonics!
They give your town a stat buff for a short period of time, and makes your troop’s survivability a little bit more higher

I’ve had some combat situations in hard mode that i might’ve not won if i didn’t have acces to some strength tonics my dedicated herbalist made

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Hmm, I’ll have to experiment with those. I did admittedly shrug them off without trying them out too extensively.

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