Food donation box

It’s in the container’s category on the placement tab. I keep thinking it’s a large crate. As far as I know once it’s made it’s basically a decoration, am I missing something?

I believe thats for one of the township things right? thats its only purpose as far as i know.

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Ya, I made one for that, and just made another to see if it had a use. Thought maybe you could put extra food into it or something. But it’s just placeable in the world and there it sits. It’s in the container list though, that’s the strange part to me. Seems like it should just be a decoration.

The container (category) is not just about containers, but also about things that are compacted together. Log/stone/clay piles and hay bales are in the containers too. And I used those piles only for decoration so far :stuck_out_tongue: (donation box included, although only once as I don’t like its design too much)

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Apparently I’m missing something. Who is it that makes the Food Donation Box? I can’t seem to find it.

The cook, at level 3(?).

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Ah, of course. I’d been looking under the Carpenter, with the other containers. Silly me! :slight_smile: