Hearthling picking up too much food!

Hi everyone! That’s my first post here :smile:
I’ve noticed something strange and I think that’s actually a bug. One of my hearthlings picked up 4 soups (and I’ve had only 4 of them) when he got hungry leaving the rest of my people with just raw stuff! :wink: Imho it shouldn’t be like that :smile:

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hey there @WereInvisible, welcome to the stonehearth discourse :smile:

did he pick them up all at once? or did he take one, go eat it, then take another? as i’m pretty sure some hearthlings need more food then others. though i’m not sure which stat changes the needed amount, maybe stamina…

Cheers :smiley:
I saw him putting 3 of them to the chest so I assume that he picked all 4 of them at once :slight_smile: Hope that helps :smile:


Hey there @WereInvisible, have you seen this issue reoccur?