Hearthlings Choosing Same Food Over And Over

Moving This to Bug Reports, because I do think this is something that’s not working as intended.

The issue is how hearthings choose what to eat. In this instance, the setup is such that the hearthlings have sufficient food options, yet complain about them and eat the same thing repeatedly. I’m pretty sure its related to how hearthlings choose food. My guess is hearthlings path to the nearest container with food and randomly select what to eat, causing them to eat the same thing repeatedly, even though options are available to them.

Steps to reproduce:
Have enough Farmers/Shepherds/Cooks to support your town. In my case this was 6 Farmers, 1 Shepherd, 3 Cooks for a little over 30 hearthlings. Set your cooks to maintain all the different food types so hearthlings have a multitude of options.

Expected Results:
Hearthlings to be happy with their food situation and no “On Eating the Same Thing Repeatedly” reports in the journal.

Actual Results:
Hearthlings complaining about eating the same thing repeatedly despite having multiple food options. Notably, different hearthlings are complaining about eating different food types repeatedly.

My food storage is spread throughout the buildings of my town (in case that’s relevant)

Both these pictures were taken at the same time. So at the same time that I have various food types available, they’re complaining in the journal about repeated eating the same food.

Versions and Mods:
release-707 (x64) (no mods)

System Information:
OS - Windows 10
CPU - i7-7700k
GPU - GTX 1070


I think we need this. I’ve run into similar issues with hearthlings being discontent with eating veggies and no meat or eating the same thing again, but I had cooked meat available to them and also had plenty of choices to pick from. So… imo this shouldn’t* be an issue at this point in our game files.

The journal has no effect on mood. It was the initial way of showing hearthling’s feelings, back in the early alphas, but currently is in need of a revision to make it consistent with the happiness system. There’s no “eated the same thing repeatedly” thought in the Morale tab, so they’re not getting negative pressure from it.

We are aware of the issue of “eating the same thing repeatedly”, and it’s in our list to fix.

How far were they from the food? If you have a savefile where they are going to pick up/eating something worse than other foods you have, we’d love to take a look at it.

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From my observations in game, this problem is not really a problem, but rather, it i a case of something like this…

“I am hungry”
“Where is nearest food source?”
“There is food there, but it is far away. Here there happens to be food (closer)”
“oh well, I am too hungry to gripe… nom nom nom”
“mhmm, this food is the same like yesterday…”
“Next time I will try to be closer to the other source. Pity I work as a smith (for example) and this same food happens to be nearest to where I spend most my time working”

That’s pretty much it.