Hearthing's Football Stadium

Hey guys, I’ve been building a football Stadium for all my Hearthlings, I’ve been working on this for about 16 hours, I’ve suddenly got the idle bug, but for being past day 70 it’s pretty impressive :stuck_out_tongue:

If I make any huge progress or manage to complete it, I’ll post the finished version here. It’s so close yet so far :stuck_out_tongue:

A few things went wrong but hopefully they’re not to noticeable


“Today’s game is brought to you by Raven’s Smithing, and Noel’s Shepherd breeding. Today we have a Match-up of The Hearthling’s vs Garosh’s Goblin’s. It’s going to be a rough game, those goblins will do anything to WIN. But the hearthling’s are determined to put them out of the Ranks. We will be back after this message, from Heath’s Masoner’s”


I laughed pretty hard at that haha, I can Imagen it, Now I must add a commentary booth somewhere :stuck_out_tongue: throw’s football onto field


Gosh, that’s amazing… now I simply must make a hockey field rink at some point!

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looks at his own meager creations

why must the community mock me so? don’t you all know I’m trying my best!?!



It’s coming home,
it’s coming home
it’s coming, Footballs coming home

Hahaha I know right?! I’m like all impressed with some of the things I make…I come on the forums and am like…poop…

If you guys want a update on this, Some of my Hearthling’s have been so nice to return from Vacation and started working again!

However this is what I’m dealing with,

Just taking time to admire the work I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

This is where the stadium is currently at



Seriously guys, how on earth are you keeping the game going building that? I start building even the smallest building and things start to go haywire (the known bugs) and most of the time my game just closes :cry:

What version of the game are you using?


I’m using Develop-2283 (x64) Which is the latest build, luckily apart from 2 java crashes I’ve had 0 issues with bugs. And that’s with many hours of playing. This world is using 2GB at start up, So yeah, Guess I’m lucky to have gotten this far.

Whelp guys, Looks like this won’t ever be fully finished, Just went onto Steam, It installed an Update and now all my old games are incompatible and when I play them there is no Game bar or any options, just the camera, That’s it. However I am willing to start a whole new project, So anyone have ideas? I’d like to start a big project so I’d love suggestions, Thanks :smile:

Well, between you and @voxel_pirate’s sheepball, I think we could have a very lucrative business here, I would totally just play Stonehearth as a football managing sim, just saying.

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Yeah, It’d be fun to have a little hearthling football season, builds stadiums all around the world for a Hearthling world tour We just won’t mention the illegal betting to @SteveAdamo, He may want a cut in our business, So we’ll give him a unicorn and all will be good.

I want to learn coding and stuff so maybe in time I can make a little mod that allows them to play football.

My next goal would have been to make a Basketball Arena but sadly there’s no Orange clay. So What do you guys think of Hearthling Wrestling? I’m very tempted to re-make a old Wwe arena.