The Last Hearth

Some of you might of seen me posting for quite some time now. Thought I would share my latest project, torturous journey that it has been. I have come across several issues around the construction tools, corrupting save files (assumption) and hearthlings idling. The Last Hearth Inn (Disclaimer: Any resemblance to any inn, pub or drinking establishment is purely coincidental).


Looks great! I especially like how you pulled off the chimney, as well as the stone-wood combo. Quick question; is the interior available for show?

Funny you should ask:




Looks great! I hope that one day we’ll all be able to make such buildings without too many bugs :smile:

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Took quite some time and no end of bugs. Thought the update was going take out the save though :grinning:.

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awesome work here @GyroDragon!

i hope to see more of your work around here.