Hearth of glory Problem

so, having played with the hearth of glory i have found a… pretty big issue:

since the hearth of glory is transforming your fireplace into… a monument (for lack of a better term) with an ungodly amound of appeal worth… your hearthlings will ALWAYS end up gathering there even if the hearth of glory is placed “outside your settlement”…

the issue here is that the hearth of glory is the only place where you can spawn the glory “challenge”… i think you can see the problem here

why do the enemies spawn RIGHT on top of the monument? why not like other invaders at the edge of your settlement?

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The hearthlings don’t go to the Hearth of Glory because of its appeal; they go there because of the “go and sit around a fireplace” task for their free-time period in the evenings. They should go to the nearest firepit for this; so if you can get another firepit/hearth from a trader, from looting the Black Cord crypts, or from a level 6 mason then you should be able to eliminate this issue by simply giving them closer options to use.

This is the main reason I don’t pick the Hearth of Glory though TBH; I don’t want to keep a town guard on patrol 24/7 in the town square and I can’t be bothered toggling the glory challenge and then moving guards around.

Having the glory challenger enemies spawn away from town would be a great improvement though.


the hearth of glory IS the only fireplace the hearthlings USE tho… even IF i have other fireplaces they dont even “activate” them with the hearth of glory active