Spawning of enemy/hearthlings problrm


Hello dear community of stonehearth. Today I come to you, to inform that I found a problem, somehow interesting.
Indeed whenever I come to create a new game, my hearthling pops, as always, but at some point, the game alert me that invaders are approaching. Funny fact, as they are stuck in the mountain. And when I say stuck, I mean that the box telling me where the invaders are, redirects me into the mountain. Funnier, I tried to dig the mountain where the spot was, but… Hey, there is no one there ! And it does the same for hearthlings when I gain a new one…

NB : The version of the game —> after alpha 14 (the alpha 15 latest build one’s)
NB2 : I’m sorry if I’m hard to understand, I’m french, but I tried my best ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ll figure out what is the problem, if it comes from me or from the game.

(I would gladly give a screenshot, but I don’t how to do, because when I use the button on my keyboard, it does not copy the game but what is behind (desktop for exemple…)).

And I’m out~ --exit(84);

hey there @Romain_Sam-wing, welcome to the discourse :smile:

Stonehearth actually has a built in screenshot function, to take one simply press PrtScn and then it will save the screenshot to the stoneherth folder.

assuming you’re playing on steam, you can find the screenshots under this file path,

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\screenshots

hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer.
So here are the screenshots :

So the bubble pop up as you see…
I click this bubble to see from where they’re coming and…

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if you turn off slice mode are they on top off the mountain/ground?

Well that depends. Sometimes yes. Sometimes not. that’s why I call it funny. ^^
That’s quite random…

huh… weird… and you dont have any other levels to the mines?

Indeed not on this game. But I had on other games with the raya’s children for exemple. They were even times when I was not in a mine but in a full plain and they were not popping out… I tried to save and load to see if it changed something but no. :confused:

maby sharing a save file from the moment it happens an idea?

How can I do that ?
Should I reinstall my game, if it comes from me, as I see it’s “weird”. :confused:

The moment you get a invasion report that proves to be in a closed mountain go and save it trough the menu. Then go to the stoneheart folder. If installed trough steam its under steam/steamapp/common/stonehearth. There is a map called savegames or something similair. There you will find sub maps with the savefiles. Look at the date of the savefile to find the one you just made. Turn it into a zip file and drag it towards your reply in order to upload it als a downloadable item from your topic post

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