Hearhtlings wont carry wool to chests or crates

In my recently started world, the wool wont be carried away, its just laying around.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Sheep produces wool
  2. sheperd drops it at the ground
  3. no one will come to sort it away

Expected Results:
woll will be placed in crates etc.
Actual Results:
its dropped onto the ground


Version Number and Mods in use:
Content Build ID on steam: 942036
System Information:
Intel i5 4430
R9 380
Samsung 850 pro

hi @Jonny_K,
Okay I found the bug. Your shepherd has a perk for getting more resources out of an animal. Unfortunately, that extra resource is not owned by you, so you have to loot it.
In the next unstable release, you will own the wool automatically.
Thanks for reporting this.


Cool! I saw this too and wrongly assumed it was because I didn’t have enough haulers free. Is this also true for trappers? Same exact behavior for me there too.

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The wool must be looted, but my trapper loots don’t need that