Have you guys found the item "Broken Flute" or know what it does? :o

Screenshot of the Broken Flute, one found in Wolf camp, the other i’m not sure about:

Does it have a purpose yet? :slight_smile: Item shown to the left edge of the screen in the stockpile, as well as 2 tiles up, 1 tile right (selected for tooltip) and also shown in the inventory (tooltip: “Broken Flute”) it is however not visible on the sell tab of a merchant.

Killed a second wolf camp which dropped 2 more Broken Flute. I am really curious now :smile:


must be the random loot the mobs give


Nope, other than wasting space I guess.


ui good catch ^^ have seen this while comparing xD ok now i have something todo (translate) xD

I once tried to play a broken flute. That’s how I lost both my legs


New to the game, but it looks like the flute is now used to make a wind chime. An npc told me an orc and his peeps would be rolling through and that I needed this item for the occasion. I unfortunately sold them all as they were worth like 15g a piece, and was only given about a day to find another. No chime and a group 10 times larger than any I had previously faced rolled into town and stomped us.

My assumption is either the chime is necessary, or I am really terrible at this game.

Wow, that sounds amazing! And horrible! Poor hearthlings :sob: I haven’t dipped my toes in Stonehearth for a while now, I do like to check in every once in a while and one year ago when I wrote that there was no use for the flute :grin: look at it as a lesson learned and keep an extra save file is what advice I can give in terms of your next build! Good luck mate, keep your hearthlings safe! :smile:

If you still havent figured it out, You need the flute to save your town. Unless you somehow have a giant army of your own, the goblin army coming to kill you have an ogre. When he hears the flute (bells) he will get good memories and he wont attack you and the huge army just leaves saving your town.

Haha! That sounds amazing! That said, I haven’t played Stonehearth for a year or so and the post here is from over a year ago, and I bet a lot has happened since I played it posted this! If I recall correctly when I posted this the item “broken flute” was just introduced and then without purpose.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up and I wish you all a happy new year!