Broken Flute Alpha 13

So, broken flute, what is it for, if anything? If it isn’t for anything then what do you think it would be used for? Because I see its listed under tools so maybe its a tool for a future class? Like an Animal Tamer (They would have a 1% chance at taming released goblin wolves at apprentice level, then 5% at level 1 and from then on it doubles until level 4 (40% Chance) then level 5 it would go to 60% and level 6 would have a 75%) Or maybe the flute is for something like a Bard? Play music and give your hearthlings a happiness and morale boost? That would be pretty cool tbh

Hmm…I am really not sure. I just dug into the json files, the broken_flute.json doesn’t reveal anything (though it is classified as a tool), but in the same folder is a mountains_flute.json which mentions the shepherd…going to ask @sdee or @yshan if they know…

Sometimes the shepherd stops in front of an animal and plays an instrument (or use his hands as one, I’m not sure), we can even hear it. But for now he don’t use those goblin flutes.


I hope they give a quick reply, now that i know there is more than one flute, maybe you play them to summon titans or even gods :astonished: Maybe like, the broken flute would summon a goblin god or maybe it can be fixed to become a random flute. The possibilities are endless omg

I’m quite curious if it will be an upgrade talisman for the beast master class. :wink:

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hmm… thats an interesting thought. considering its dropped by the goblins, and they have tamed wolves, that really does make a lot of sense…

I think it is meant for later unadded quests, but now just sell it for some easy gold. :wink:

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So you can make a special Windchime, against enemies in quests.