[NaB] Strange Xylophone Music

I am hearing weird xylophone music even with my music at 0%, I sliced the map to see my underground stockpiles and when I did I started hearing a xylophone playing at a certain spot. Does anybody know what this is?

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Hm, not sure if it was a xylophone, but… you can hear music around sleeping Hearthlings, and I heard there is music at spots where a hearthling died (sound should move with the gravestone, but it doesn’t yet I think).

So maybe when you slice and go underground, thats in a resting area or in a battlefield?

You could be… takes off sunglasses… haunted.


Nobody died yet and nobody is sleeping, it’s just in an unexplored spot underground. Probably just a bug. :confused:

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Probably the Pied Piper caught asthma and switched to a different kind of instrument… interesting!!

Was there anything interesting in the stockpile? :confused:

Are you sure that there isn’t any bed near that spot, even in other slices?

Maybe it’s a bug like that of the tombstone, when the music played even if you moved the item away…

Oh god dammit. It is the sleeping music. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t the sleeping villager so I checked, and it was the sleeping villagers. Sorry for wasting your time.

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Not at all a waste of time… now it’s a good ghost story. :slight_smile:


I hope our Stonehearth Scribes have taken good note of it.