Music Suggestions (Discussion)

As there is the beginning of discussion in the music suggestions thread I’m going to move all discussion over here, should you wish to make a suggestion then please haed over to the suggestion thread and post.

Should you wish to discuss suggestions then please post in there with relevant links where necessary.

Thanks everyone!

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I think it was mentioned in the dev blog but it could be cool if the size of the city had an effect on the music :slight_smile:


Awesome, I’d planned to go through the Dev Blog next and add the relevant comments! I’ll start with these :slight_smile:

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yeah, that blog had one of the highest number of comments… there are only two or three that surpassed it…

just going to repost one of my comments from the thread on the discourse, that garnered a “bro hug” from @Doug:smile:

It’s already up there man, although I know you just need to flaunt that ego of yours some more :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cool, hopefully this will get the community’s creativity going! :smiley:

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d3rp… apologies!

while i do have to spend at least 9 hours per day in full on “ego flaunt mode”, i must admit i completely missed this comment in the OP… i would blame work, or my age… or the fact that you forgot to put the seat down… again

but i get the feeling we’re airing too much of our dirty laundry on the forums as it is…

i was pleasantly surprised myself! :smiley:


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Bye the way, how rare will Titans be? Will they be so rare that we can tailor intro music for all of them (Oh no, it’s John the Famed Sasquatch! His lore is known well all over the internet!) or will they be randomly generated (Oh wow, look at what the game spit up: Rasputin the Massive 10 Legged-Horse. LOL)? I’d like to see something in between, with distinctive individual Titan music but with the Titans still being original.

Any thoughts on this?

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I would be surprised if they weren’t very rare… as such I think your suggestion for custom Titan music would be very welcomed… :+1:

If I had the proper Audio Software, I would make a sample of a song that fits with Stonehearth’s theme.

Pfft, MuseScore and Finale NotePad are free downloads…:wink:

As for titans, I’m regurgitating a memory from somewhere that there would be 20 or so titans and they’re all predefined? That might be a mismemory coming from there being something like 20 titans up for being created as a Kickstarter tier but I dunno. Intro music would be awesome for each, though it does stack up the amount to do. Perhaps there could simply be an into theme for all titans, though I think the dynamic duo could handle it. :wink:

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forgive my ignorance at the question… but do these applications provide samples or loops that you can use to construct tracks? i’m guessing they do, but… well, yeah… see my previous comment about being ignorant… :smile:

I’m not 100% sure but I’m pretty sure Finale doesn’t and with that knowledge, I doubt MuseScore does either. They’re score writing programmes rather than music production programmes like Cubase, so the influence is very much on you to write your own music rather than put bits of music together to create a track, and therefore its less necessary to have samples.

That said, I know Sibelius 7 has a samples library and it’s a score writing software. However I don’t think Sibelius 7 First, the less full and thus cheaper version has it, so I’m doubtful free software would have them. I dunno.

It’s not too difficult to just write some small motifs anyway, loop it, then throw it in with a bunch of different instruments. Not much musical knowledge is required to make a basic track (or really any at all). :slight_smile:

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Well this isn’t some extravagant modding forum where I create great music to put into your stonehearth game. This is me showing all of you a song that sounds exactly like stonehearth. Behold, I present to you… Concerning Hobbits.

It especially gains the stonehearth feel when the violin kicks in.

very timely, as @Tom mentioned in the last stream that we would be seeing an update regarding music soon! :smile: :+1:

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with fl studio ive made stuff like this

ive been at it for years now

I don’t think I have anything simple enough to fit in a stonehearth vibe though , but fl studio has soooo much different instruments and stuff. I probably only know like 10% of it lol

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