"haul' stopps harvesting?


Steps to reproduce:

place some piles of wood stone clay or wheat
stop all 'haul’ing ( the pause button to it pauses everyone’s hauling)
select piles to harvest

Expected Results:
the piles would be harvested and the items left on the ground

Actual Results:
everyone dose other tasks or remains idle

you would think that ‘mine’ would control chopping down trees mining and harvesting the piles. since you would be ‘mining’ them in a sense

Haul represents harvesting where as mine only represents the action of mining. I would love to see a broader ranger of control over hearthling actions.


well to me hauling would be looting monster drops, collecting items from craftsmen, shepherds and trappers as well as collecting clay ore and stone from mining…

"mining’ would involve cutting down trees, gathering wild plants, mining and ‘harvesting’ raw items like small stone piles and the made piles of stone

other then that having more options to fine tune your jobs would be great

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Yeah, It’s one of those aspects of the game that needs to be improved where those things are maybe listed out to give us a little more control. Until then thats why your having issues because of how it classifies things in the buttons.