Harvest issues - Trees harvesting

I have a problem with the haul and the harvest. Why do the villagers only focus on storing and transporting materials rather than harvesting or cutting down trees. I’m running out of wood with 11 villagers to whom I have all uncheck but haul… The problem comes from the fact that I have mined a lot of material to transport… do you have any advice please?

I hope that one day we will be able to check and uncheck the harvest…
Or if you know of any mods that help with that. I really don’t want to recreate a world for this. And if I have to do it, do you have any tips to avoid that?

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Set up some storqge area’s near where all the stone is
Split up future mining tasks so the hauling can keep up and have lessen People mining at the same time

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You can cancel harvest tasks, just drag the X tool (found at the same harvest menu) over the stuff you want to stop.
You can pause mining, click on the mining zone and there will be a button to pause it.
If they have so much to haul that they are not doing other stuff, consider not mining such a big area at once, you are adding too many tasks at the same time
They consider what to do based on distance too.

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Gotchu, thanks for the advice

The only harvesting task they have is collecting trees. Which they doesn’t do, but like nightlancer and you said, I’ll try to manage mining in a more efficient way so they have less thing to haul.