Hardmode save stuck on 6 hearthlings

Got to about day 25 of hard mode, thought it was a little easy…until i realized my save isnt counting my hearthlings properly - the save file still says I have 6 when i have 13. As such, im not getting any quest announcements and only really easy mobs.

Steps to reproduce:

Absolutely no idea i’m afraid, I started the game with a complex tunnel system to funnel all attacking enemies to one spot underground, dont know if thats what broke it. Didnt notice any oddity when i got my first (then the 7th) settler.

Expected Results:

Actual Results:



Version Number and Mods in use:
ed046464-d0f0-11e6-9edf-305a3a54978e is my ID, no mods in use.
System Information:

You should upload the saved game.


Hope that worked =P

Also, just started a new game and now having same issue. Seems to happen right from first auto-save, it goes from 7 hearthling count to 6. From then on it wont move. Gonna do a re-install see if that helps.

Complete re-install had PARTIAL success - now its counting 1 behind my hearthling amount =) Savegame with 8 settlers saves as 7…as least its increasing though.

Just as a piece of advice for the next time you upload a save file: Right click the save’s folder, send to compressed. Then drag and drop the zipped folder straight to discourse.

Hah, yeah that would have been the obvious way to do it i guess =P