Hand-carts, etc

  • Stonehearth Basic: Release game as is but optimized to tide us over until game is finished.

-Direct Command: Allow for villagers to be clicked on, and commanded to pick up/gather/fight something directly

  • Foraging: Set an area (like crops or stockpile) where workers may forage for seeds(rare and only last for one full crop cycle)and fiber (rare but more common than seeds).

  • Stairs: Stairs with a unique texture, like the ladder.

  • “Unload” button on containers: a button on container UI that simply unloads all items contained onto the floor

  • Move Specific Items from Containers: Being able to click on a mound of clay in a container that has a mix of resorts, and designating it to be moved to another/to the floor of another location

  • Horses: Craft a saddle to make horses rideable. Mostly used for footman. Footman must unmount horse to engage in combat, unless using specific weapons (like “Horseman’s Pike” or something to that effect)

  • Hand-carts/Horsedrawn carts: Can be loaded with containers so transportation is easier. Example/Usage: Town is in the midst of the woods, mountain/mine/quarry is a distance away. Instead of transporting boxes/urns/chests one by one, you could load them onto a cart and transport them in bulk

  • Stacked Container Support: Stacked containers function as a single one in terms of workers placing/removing an item from said container. Example: bottom urn, can only contain stone. top urn, can only contain ore. To make an item involving both stone and ore, a crafter would only have to make one stop and only have to pull from “one” container.

  • Spiritualist Class: craft-able totems/idols/blessings/etc that buff within an aoe and take days to complete and deteriorate overtime/per use. Could be crafted, alongside basic materials, with points of “inspiration” that workers will rarely generate by crafting/working/farming etc. Example: fireball throwing totems, increased movement speed, increased craft speed, increased defense, quicker growth, increased yield, increased morale, rare chance to recruit a goblin.

  • Enchanter Class (Must become lvl 6 Spiritualist or in lieu of Spiritualist): can craft wearable talismans that provide (at the most) +1 to base stats. Can enchant weapons with extra damage, tools with crafting bonuses, outfits with defense/crafting bonuses

  • Backpacks: craftable by the weaver to allow workers to carry more when transporting goods. Would also force any individual with a backpack to maintain 1 unit of (cooked) food in their pack at any given time. Any crafter would be forced to maintain at least two of their basic most-used resource (Mason stone, potter clay, etc). Class specific for balancing. For example, workers could wear backpacks that allow them to hold 15 things. Farmer, 10. Crafters, 5. Could have backpacks have a class-specific UI that allows designation of priority of what to keep on them at all times, out of a list of resources they use in their craft


I like the idea of

  1. horses
  2. Spiritual & enchanter classes
  3. backpacks
  4. Foraging!

You’ve got some great ideas! :smiley:

Very good ideas, all of them. I would like to see a patrol pattern for your footman using way points as well.