Halve gameplay halve support on carpenter saw

I’m having a huge problem. I got to many wood early in the game but allot more trees to remove. So i used the clear all button to get rid of the trees. However they also destroyed everything inside the storage area including the carpenter saw.

Anyone have an idea how to get it back, maby by use of debug tools? I really don’t want to have to return to an very old save. Took a while before i noticed it.

On a little side node, maby tools should not be able to get destroyed this way?

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With the debug tools, click on the stamp icon, there type carpenter:saw (maybe carpenter:talisman) click on the iconic check and click on the ground to spawn it.

I don’t understand, you were clearing trees but destroyed a saw in your stockpile? The stockpile was in the middle of the trees?
To remove wood just craft logpiles, they compress 18 logs into 1 item. Or even better, use them to craft a trading market stall, and sell all the excess.

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got the saw, just cant promote anyone will try the other one to

talisman was the one that can promote them

Uhm, I guess one is just the tool that hearthlings holds, and the other is the talisman to promote. Even though it looks the same, they have different purposes.