Getting Carpenter's Saw as Rayya's Children?

Ok, so I just started up a game in the latest build as Rayya’s Children, in the Desert, on Normal Mode. If it means anything, I had previously started a game in the forest as the ascendency and then one in the desert as Rayya’s Children. The thing is, I started with both a Potter’s Cutter AND a Carpenter’s Saw (I chose the pack with the herbalist staff and trapper’s knife in it). Anybody know why?

You are uncommonly blessed and I definitely think you should post your savegame so the devs can figure out what went wrong. Not for any personal reasons, mind you. :innocent:


Ok, so… 1518462934990 - Google Drive I think this works?

Now all the crafts will be mine! Muhahahahh!

Paging @Relyss. This might be of interest. Dunno who this falls under.

It’s probably a bug. But we’d need steps to repro first.

Did you start the game with Ascendancy, or just returned to the main menu in the middle of the embarkation steps, @Ragnarol?
Did you save the Ascendancy game or not?

ok, I found it!

  1. Start a game.
  2. Choose Ascendency, desert, and any difficulty.
  3. Click to continue, but when it gives you a warning stating it is a bad idea to do the ascedency in the desert, go back.
  4. Now change from being the ascendency to being rayya’s children.
  5. Not sure if anything matters here, but I rushed through the screens to start.
  6. Now you should have the Carpenter’s Saw as well! (For the record I chose Merchant’s Caravan and Normal Mode)

Edit: It’s also worth mentioning I saved an ascendency game before this, but I had tried this multiple times before I found out what it was, so I don’t think that mattered too much.


Best use of the UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A in Stonehearth yet. Easter egg found!


Wow! Thank you very much for the steps!
That saved us some time :smile:


Admittedly I just got off work but I thought you were thanking me for giving you the Konami code. :smiley:

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