Halo: Master Chief and Cortana, and more!

I’ve been messing with qubicle some more and made Master Chief and Cortana from the Halo series. Feel free to use them as you wish, but mention me in your post or link to it in a reply to this topic so I can see. I plan to make UNSC troops later and will upload them as well. Please leave feedback! Thank you!

cortana1.qmo (Cortana 12.8 KB)
masterchief1.qmo (Master Chief 15.0 KB)

MC and Cortana

Master Chief Still

Master Chief GIF

Cortana Still

Cortana GIF

Edit: Made guns and UNSC troop! covenant stuff coming later! Also, anyone with home/master edition could you please “add noise” in qubicle to the troop model to make it look more like camo style? Again feedback is welcome!
unsctroop.qmo (17.0 KB)

Sorry for this GIF seizuring like this… -.- I tried to fix it unscguns1.qmo (2.8 KB)
Elite first draft, I think it needs work so if anyone has ideas on how to make it better, please leave Ideas:

haloelite1.qmo (17.0 KB)


They look amazing, Just look like they need a little shading

I’m liking Cortana, I think you’ve done well to translate her across to the model.

As for Master Chief he definitely needs some more shading on the armour and a slight height and bulk adjustment to account for how much of a top guy he is.

Great work so far though! Keep it up and keep us updated.


apologies to all the Halo fans, but i have played about 15 minutes of the original… :smile:

this is the female AI character, correct (quick Google search confirms)? i think the model looks great… :smile:

i would parot @Geoffers747 comments here… the model looks great as well (love the visor/helmet), but the body could use some color variation, etc.

keep it up! :+1:


I agree, I’ll try that soon.

Good idea. He is a top guy :smiley: I’ll make him a bit taller than the average Joe.

Yeah, the best way to do that is with a paid feature on qubicle and I has no internetz moniz :frowning:

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I’m confused…surely you could just colour some of the voxels a darker colour? What tool are you referring to? :confounded:


theres a tool in qubicle that changes some colors and adds that effect i did it manually here:

i think ill add a bit more later

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How’s this look you guys? See above/\

I think it’s more fulfilling when you do the shading manually anyways. :wink:
Looking much better :smile:

I still think it could use a little more shading, to give it more of a battle worn suit.

Keep up the good work!

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subtle, but effective! i would second @Avairian’s suggestion for a little more variation, but this is already a considerable improvement! :+1:

-hides in the corner;
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oh, surely i’ve awarded you points from your mod thread? no?!? :scream:

Not that I can recall :frowning: I was just beginning to think you didn’t like me… :cry:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (I get so emotional while waiting for the newest release. xD)


this has been addressed… and i feel as though the universe has been balanced now… :smile:

apologies for the sidetrack @claymanr!

I don’t mind

Anyways I tried adding a bit more variation, it feels a bit off but that just might be me.

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I don’t know what it is but the head looks a little ‘flat’. It might be the shading, It could be the thing that comes out over Chief’s eyes being a bit too long, it could just not be round enough, I don’t really know it just feels ‘flat’. It may just be me though

oh my, he seems to be trembling in fear :laughing:
Qubicle sometimes is like this. It’s better to keep the default number of frames and milliseconds and try rendering several times until you see it fully turns.

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aye… i think the back and sides could perhaps use a couple of added layers, slightly tapering in those areas (give the illusion of being rounded)… similar to the top of the helmet…

Whilst we’re on the topic of Halo, whilst this cutscene is from Halo Wars and doesn’t involve Master Chief or Cortana, it’s still one of my favourite:

What is Halo Wars? GOOGLE TO THE RESCUE!