Greedy Goblins - 'My' Gold!

Summary: So apparently our goblins are getting greedier as time goes by? Or maybe it’s just my fault for deciding to acquiesce to their demands for the first time in like, forever… The goblins requested 70 Chests of coins from me… I realised I had two chests, one of them containing 810 coins… So essentially the Goblins are demanding 56,700 coins off of me :confused: A big jump from their former demand. They’re asking for pretty much 5-10 times the value of my entire settlement… :laughing:

A bug? Or an intended kick in the pants to stop being a goblin loving sycophant? :sweat_smile:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. I suppose reproduction would be obtained through a random occurrence of Goblin Demands. This demand occurred on their 3rd demand (after having successfully satisfied them for the two prior ones)

Expected Results: Not to have to pay a kings ransom to a small barely threatening tribe of goblins. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actual Results: No longer being allowed to remain a goblin loving sycophant. :frowning:


Coin chest bottom left, demand to the right. Pretty much says it all.

Version Number and Mods in use: Release # Shown in top left hand corner. Should be the latest.

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