Graphical glitch on display of Veranaus scales

Strange graphical glitches on various items in the inventory screen.
The most obvious is in the vervanus scales but a couple of others had similar (though not quite so obvious)


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What exactly is wrong here? The icon for the scales looks a bit small compared to the pelts, true, and the clay… table?.. is at bit of a different angle, and some of the icons are outlined and some are not.

twitches at noticing every mismatch

But is there anything more serious that I’m missing?

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Linda is fixing this. It should be resolved with the next unstable release.


Literally this is just me being sooooooo finickity, its really not important at all.

Just to prove how much of this I notice click rapidly through the various bar icons on the blacksmith tab and they jump 5-6 pixels in each image it winds me up a little but then I realise its just in Alpha and perhaps it needs to be pointed out (which it didn’t apparently, go Yang and Linda!)