[BUG] Off-center sword icon and Sitting animation Stutter

These might be low on the priority, but I thought they should be documented for later correction and I hadn’t found them documented anywhere yet.

Title: Art Errors

Description: The “wooden sword” item’s crafting icon is off center in the crafting window.

Also, there is a stutter in the animation for when settlers sit down to watch the campfire. The hands go out as they sit down, then the frame pops them back to standing, and then they appear sitting again with their hands out.

Lastly, I caught a settler using telekinesis to hold her plate behind her back while she ate. I suspect this is related to some issues that have been documented before.

How to reproduce: Craft a wooden sword. Second, watch the villagers sit down as they go to watch the campfire. I’m not precicely sure how to reproduce the levitating plate.

thanks for the report @xophnog! i believe two of the three have already been reported over on curse…

the sword icon’s alignment is unique however… perhaps more of a “tweak” than a bug, but still worth noting… :smiley:

Wait… there are swords and bucklers? :open_mouth:

yes, but your units can’t use them yet… they can be crafted and dropped in a stockpile though!

gazes lovingly at his shield

I didn’t even see that yet… :blush:… I’m ashamed of myself.

My precious… ?? :wink:

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