Graphical glitches?

I’ve come across this before but wasn’t entirely sure what the cause was. But I figured I’d ask about it. Has anyone else come across this?

Do you mean the things that look like shadows but are all weird?

yeah! do you know what causes this? is this an issue within the rendering engine? or a graphics card driver issue? maybe a CPU related problem?

It looks like a graphics driver issue.

What in-game graphics settings have you got and what is the version of the graphics drivers?

according to Geforce Experience, I’m up to date claiming the last update was 6/8/17. version 382.53 for the drivers.

Did you change the graphic settings in-game during that session?

nupe. nothing was changed during that session. i did increase the number of hearthlings i could get to the max. and i changed the music volume a bit.

I think there’s a glitch with the shadows at sunset that is not fixed yet. :confused:

What were your graphic settings exactly?