Strange performance problem

Hi, I have a gambling problem, and not very well may happen. When it is night in the game, I slows down considerably. It is very rare that it happens at night. What can be?

I leave my PC settings:

Windows 10
Intel Core i5 3.20Ghz 4CPUs
AMD Radeon HD 6800
DirectX 11.2

I believe this is a known issues. It involves the shadow effect. @8BitCrab should this thread be merged?

Are you already spoken in other Topic ?, excuse me it is that my English is basic level and certainly has not seen or understood.

I think you’re right, it can be in the shadows. I removed all the streetlights of the game and doing much better. The problem is when the street lamps light up.

Usually when I have more than 10 people and much built, it slows down a bit, but is that with street lamps already lit to unplayable.

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hey there @Laguna, welcome to the discourse :smile:

as @Geokhan said, this is most likely due to shadows/lights, if you go into the game settings and turn the “Shadow Detail” off it should help solve the problem.

also, what version of the game are you running? as i believe that there were some improvements made to the renderer in the A16 latest builds…

i don’t really see a need for a merge…

In the Menu there is a slidebar which sets the number of lights.
Just decrease the number(slider).

Tru, and light issue, but i think they works on lights a bit, not as bad. But shadows is a big issue, and has been reported, just turn them down if need be

Thanks everyone for your help. I tried to lower the bar shadow to a minimum in options, but the problem remained.

For now I’ll play without the lamps, it is the only way to do well.

I am currently running the 64-bit version, I also tested the 32-bit version but still the same.

huh, that’s really odd, the problem usually doesn’t stay when the shadows are turned off…

when i said version i actually meant alpha version :slight_smile: are you using A15 or A16?

Alpha 15 (release 549).It is the last version that I downloaded Steam =).

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alright, if you feel like opting into the “latest” branch on steam, i believe that in A16 there have been a few improvements made to the renderer that should help with performance problems related to lights.

if you need info on how to opt into it you can check the “about latest branch” section of this page,

Note: the “latest” branch is often buggier than the normal branch.

hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. I’ll try the Alpha 16 to see if performance improves ^^.