Is there a way to make the game faster?

I have already tryed to update my drivers, but it makes the game slow, somebody can help me?

hey there @Milan,

perhaps provide system specs? and is the game always slow/lagy, or just at certain times?

The game is slow if the night is coming, i think because the lights or something. And since i updated my drivers it looks slower /laggier. And what do you mean with system specs? Do you mean this:
RAM: 4.00GB
DISPLAY ADAPTER: Intel HD Graphics Family (4400)
PROCESSOR: Intel® Core™ I5-4210U CPU @ 1.7GHz 2.40GHz
TYPE SYSTEM: 64-bits x64-processor
Here is a photo to: (Its in the Netherlands language)

If it not are the system specs say it to me and say what you need!!

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indeed, lights are a known cause of lag, if you go into your game settings and turn off lights and shadows it should help.

and those are the system specs :smile:

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I already have the lights and all that things to the lowest, but since i updated my driver (They say that that helps lagg problems in games) its more laggy…:sob: