Stonehearth lags at night

Hello guys. So I have been playing this game for 3 days now and i finally got a good start and i am happy with what I have. But I noticed today that at night everything starts lagging. I tried to delete my temp files and putting down my settings. I will put my specs down below.

Im using Windows 10
processor:Intel®Core™i5-6200 CPU
graphics card:Intel®HD Graphics 520

please help. Thank you.

Sounds like shadows are too taxing for your rig. Hit Esc, enter the Settings and turn down “Maximum Number of Shadows” and “Maximum Number of Lights”. Does it get better then?

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Do tou have a lot of lanterns ? if thats the case go in Options and reduce de number of Lights at 9 …i have a good pc and does the same thing to me the light system use alot of cpu

I’ve noticed this as well, I’ve got an OC’d i5 and a GTX 760 and sometimes at night all the characters start walking in slow motion but the game says I’m still getting 100+ FPS. And I want to say the fire animations were normal, it was just the townspeople.