Several smaller display mistakes

I collected a few errors on screenshots, that should not take longer than 5 minutes to fix (probably for all of them), but it’d be a shame if they were forgotten. Hence this collection thread. ^^

  1. The promotion screen states as prerequisites for the trapper a “bone knife”, made by the mason. As we now know, that’s not quite accurate anymore.

  2. Occasionally the promotion screen is sorted in a completely different way as seen below. I can’t say for sure yet, why, but I have the feeling it’s connected to opening the screen for the first time after reloading a game.

  3. The biggest (“ancient”) of the Juniper trees is called an “Ancient Oak Tree”, too.


Hmmm two first issues have been reported before… Not sure about the 3rd one.

But thanks for collecting them. Being here they shouldn’t be forgotten. Some day, maybe some day, I would be able to close as resolved a huge majority of the reports here.
(One can dream)

Unfortunately, minor issues usually get fixed later than sooner, but sometimes we get lucky and it’s a little earlier :smile:

Thx, fixed the typos. Will take a look at the others.


and you have luck! Thx, fixed the typos. Will take a look at the others.

i have checked and i have given this infos also for 26days when i have make the first release of the german translations … and then i have forget this issues because i have translated and changed them to the correct things - now i only compare the files and havent looked in the original text anymore SRY xD

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hi @Tom,

i have found another one ^^ for the two handed sword the png is still for the big bone axe and the iconic has also the desciption of the bone axe ^^

i can confirm this, wasn’t sure if i should report it or not though.

all infos from @Raffo was fixed since 206 ^^ some other infos i have send manually via message ^^

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