[Res] Error on closing the promote window before animation finishes

Tried to promote a trapper and nothing will happen, and you can’t select another villager to try again


Can you go through this step by step please? I noticed in my b1658 game that the promotion UI is a little buggy if you try to close it before it closes itself, for example. Point is, the more info we have the better we can try to replicate it & pin the bug down :slight_smile: .

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  1. Open Village roster
  2. Select desired villager to promote.
  3. Select trapper and promote.
  4. Nothing happens, and profession tree error shows, and the trapper dagger is essentially useless.

If you can reproduce the problem, please post a screenshot. Thanks!

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So I got it to work again, so I think its happening is I’m usually fast on my menu navgation so I usually close the job tree menu after I hit promote. I believe that was causing the error

I’ve got the same problem but across careers. Each time comes up with an error message about promotion tree. Looked at the screenshot for Houten, same message.

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I’m getting the same error, but can promote a trapper (and everything else I’ve tried)…

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When I tried to promote a different civ it worked but not for others. Tried again just now it worked this time but I let the promotion screen close on its own rather press the close window X. So it could be down to a conflict caused by early closure of the window.

WOO! Thanks for tracking this one down. I didn’t think to close the window before the animation completed. This will be fixed in the next build.


Rapid Application Development folks… :smile: :+1:


Just loaded up 1665, and this appears to be working fine :slight_smile: .

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