Goblins die before reaching Settlement

I started a new Alpha 14 game and whenever Goblins approach the settlement they die without being attacked. Additionally if a group of Goblins approaches and the Footman attacks, if one is killed all Goblins will die.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Goblins appear as per standard invasion
  2. Goblins head towards the settlement (wherever they’re supposed to go)

Expected Results:
Goblins attack Hearthlings or steal things from stockpiles like they should
Actual Results:
Goblins die before reaching anything
I thought the Goblins were having problems coming down a ladder (that’s where I first saw them dying) so I removed the ladder to create a ‘staircase’ but the Goblins would still die after reaching the end of the stairs. Also happened to Goblins approaching from the forest (where there are no ladders or cliffs). This does not happen with any other hostile mobs.

and on a separate incident

There are a few other screenshots uploaded to my steam (GraveRaveS) to show the Goblins appear and then spontaneously combust
Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 14 release with no mods
System Information:

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hey there @Chrysma, welcome to the discourse :smile:

hmm… from the screenshots it almost looks like the goblins are burning up in the sun, the same way the undead do… if thats the case it is definitely a bug.

could you perhaps provide your save file? (if you need instructions on how to do that, just ask :slightly_smiling:)

also, paging @linda.

@8BitCrab Please explain how I can send you my save file or direct me to somewhere I can figure out how to do it, I’d be happy to share my save if it will (temporarily) save my Goblins D: They’re too cute

Also, I like your theory but I don’t think that’s the case either

There was this other poor guy. My footman didn’t reach him before he died, and that’s what originally led me to believe they had trouble with the ladders, so I started mining the stairs out.

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save games should be located under this file path,

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_games

to find the correct save you can check the pictures inside the folders, once you’ve found the correct save simply .zip that folder (the individual save folder) and upload it to the discourse by either using the upload button or dragging and dropping

hope that helps (sorry if my wording is weird, havent had enough coffee today…)


[quote=“Chrysma, post:3, topic:19977”]
Also, I like your theory but I don’t think that’s the case either
[/quote]the main reason why i said that is because goblins normally dont have the flame particle effect upon death, only time thats used for a death is when undead burn…


How long had the goblins in question been around until they combusted? Right now, since monsters are not always able to get to town, there is the risk of mobs of monsters piling up around town walls, on cliffs, etc. So, for now we have some raids destroy themselves (in a pillar of flames) after a few in-game hours.

If you have a save maybe before or during this occurrence, that would be helpful. :slight_smile:


@Linda @8BitCrab

I’m adding a dropbox link (because new users can’t upload files) of my autosave. I just ran the game and was invaded by some untamed wolves (which were already present in the woods) so my footman was far away, and on the other side of town a Goblin spawned in (I had just gotten the notification for him). He passed by my other Hearthlings minding their own business, and as usual he reached the stairs and died.


oh, whoops! i meant to bump you up to TL1 after i posted the instructions, i really need some more coffee…\

but dropbox works fine, in fact, we often recommend that for saves that surpass the upload limit.

Totally understandable, and don’t worry about a thing. Dropbox is cool too. Go grab some coffee ( :

Looks like a pathfinding issue is causing the goblin to be unable to find a way to a point near your town banner. In the save, it shows that he had been standing around somewhere for several in-game days. We are continuing to work on that, but for now the goblin combustion is intended as a way to remove problematic/buggy raid monsters from the map.


spontaneous combustion, somehow that seems like one of the funniest ways to get rid of excess monsters…


its probably the overwhelming need to attack someone… if they cant attack anyone or they take too long to do so they get so angry they burst into flames? :laughing:

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Completely legit. If I spent more than a day looking for something to attack I would probably explode with rage as well (x

This mechanic may need looked at a bit more closely. I’ve sent my footman team out to attack a Veranus on the very edge of the borders only to have it go ‘poof’ before the footmen even get there! When it happened a second time, I caught it in action a little better and it just despawned, vanished, no ‘fire’ effect or anything. This monster wasn’t waiting at our walls, just wandering around out there. I wanted it’s skin for our herbalist! Are monsters set on a spawn / despawn timer?