Goblins disappear with smoke animation when running towards village

I’ve noticed since I update 12 most Goblins spawn get close to the Hearthlings then die.



Same thing happened in my game. They run towards the village then “poof” they disappear.

This still occurs on release 472. Paging @sdee.

Goblin sneaks into camp!

Bug: Goblins don’t approach player’s territory. Instead, they run off into the wild and disappear into a cloud of smoke.

I can’t upload the files directly and I don’t know where to upload them. If you would like to take a look into the save game, tell me how I can share the save game files.

I’ve see this happen a lot of time in “late game” (with around 20 villagers) !
They do walk to a point and then, they dissapear in smoke !

Don’t know if it’s a bug but sometime, they get my footmans aggro and then they start to chasing them… missing every attack onto the path the gobelin take :smiley:

That’s “funny” to see these fail xD

Have seen this in release 472 as well. Seemed to occur in my case when I built a wall around my town…they would run towards the wall, not go through it, then disappear!