[bug] Goblins disappear while running towards the Village

Goblins (and possibly other enemies, though I can’t confirm others for sure) launch a normal attack, running towards the player’s Village. A message warning about the attack pops up. The Village is completely protected by an obstacle which is impassable for the Goblins. While running, the Goblins disappear when they get close to the Village. Sometimes they just run into the woods and disappear within the trees.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a stone wall around the village and place a stone gate (or any other obstacle that can’t be removed by goblins)
  2. Wait for an attack to be launched
  3. Watch the Goblins run for your shinies and suddenly disappear

Expected Results:
Goblins seeking a possibility to attack or patiently waiting at the gates to be opened.

Actual Results:
Goblins disappearing or running into the wilds (and then disappearing)

This issue does not relate to the monsters that can remove obstacles (i.ex. Ogres can smash gates and they don’t hesitate to do it)
I’ve found a similiar issue was reported (and solved?) half a year ago: Goblins disappear with smoke animation when running towards village


Version Number and Mods in use:
latest 2972 (x64)

System Information:
Win 10 Home, i5, 16GB, nVidia 660Ti (latest drivers)

have noticed enemy’s disappearing. I would have called it despawning. They do tend to come, run out of time and dissapear

Same here. Goblins attack village and suddenly disappear. (So without any animation in my case)

If it was resolved it might be that a bug that sounded like this one was mentioned in some Patch notes, or it had been deemed to be working as expected.

Maybe @linda can clarify if this is a despawning behavior or not.

This is a bug we are still working to resolve. I suspect the goblins were standing around for several hours, unable to find a path to your town. Once they finally found a path, their despawn timer ran out and they despawned. We may make it so they will not despawn if they are on the way to your town.


Not quite. The goblins appeared with an event (Goblins Attack or similiar, can’t remember) and they started running toward my Village. Suddenly they were gone in the middle of the run. I have never seen them standing anywhere near before the attack, although my Hearthlings often go back and forth thus leaving the door (and the path) open. The goblins just spawn, start attacking and despawn, and that’s it…