Despawning hostiles

i have found what seems like a bug where some goblin workers charges my town, wich is strange bacause they have warriors, but that is not the problem. the problem is these workers is despawning when they reach my town unless it makes it easier to defend

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alfa 19 and no mods used

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If the workers can’t find any way in, that can cause them to despawn; and sometimes they’ll run towards your town but spend so long getting there that they won’t find the doorway before their timer runs out… so they despawn because, as far as they can tell, there is no access.

It’s kind of a bug and kind of working intentionally, but it’s definitely something that team Radiant will want to look into

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As @YetiChow says, this is working as intended; goblins can’t break doors and if they take too much time to reach your town because they spawned far, they despawn when they are reaching your town (it saves up pathfinder resources).

Maybe in the future we’ll revisit this system. Thanks for reporting!

One idea I had, since “working as the code says it should” doesn’t always line up with “the gameplay experience we want to create”, is that it might be simpler to have the game check for pathing from the goblins’ intended spawn location before it spawns them in, and if there’s no path found those goblins (or whatever other enemies) simply don’t spawn. This rule would have an exemption for enemy groups which include monsters capable of breaking down doors, and enemies which do pass the “can I get into the town I’m planning to attack?” test will still have that time limit, so that if players block the path after they’ve spawned the enemies will still despawn like they currently do.

There are two benefits to this system: first, it means that enemies which would have spawned too far away will no longer do so. Secondly, it means that players who want to fully wall-off their town to circumvent monster attacks won’t be attacked by monsters anymore until they open the pathway again–which means that players who want to “switch off” attacks can do so after they’ve got the loot they want, and it also prevents “cheese” strategies e.g. having archers shoot down at enemies who can’t possibly attack back.

It may be a lot more complicated than I’m imagining it will be to implement, but I figure it’s an idea to throw out there for any potential future re-work. It’s more a question of the experience that monsters are supposed to bring… if they show up, walk around aimlessly for a bit and then leave it doesn’t feel very exciting, and it could even become tedious (especially when you get all the pointless notifications where you know they won’t be able to get in). So I think that simply getting rid of those “locked out” monsters will improve things a tiny bit, and make the more dangerous encounters (e.g. ogres) more prominent.

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at this point i got message says they went back where they came from but as
you can see in the picture, their camp were located in the upper left
corner. i dont know how far is too far away to spawn but now you can see
how it looks but yeah i got a wall around my village as well

I don’t understand.

In a few of my games, I’ve had goblins run straight through the center of my town, scare all the Hearthlings they pass, cause my military to start chasing them, then run straight out the other side of my town without stopping, and despawn once they’ve gotten a decent distance away, with my military still in tow.

I’ve also had a group of wolves set off the “invaders approaching” message before, but they were stuck on an isolated cliff, and they sat there for about an hour and a half, maybe 2 hours before I finally sent some Hearthlings to build a path to them, which took some time since they kept getting scared. As soon as they were dead, enemy spawns started happening again, so my guess is those pesky wolves had also been joined by another wolf friend or two, and were preventing any other spawns, or something.

That’s why this confuses me. In the first situation, goblins are despawning despite having clear paths to my hearthlings and stockpiles, and in the second, wolves aren’t despawning at all, even though that particular pack was literally halfway in the fog of war.